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Long Distance

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"She escapes among the lines of paper. Finds a home in the pools of ink. This is where she belongs. Where her soul finds freedom."

-Shar Nelle Marie

From the 'Personal Archives'

"Write honestly. Everything can't always be pretty and feelings can't always be contained. They need to be expressed. They need to be validated. They need to scream on the lines. And even if that's the only place they'll ever be heard then let them pierce the pages with whatever intensity they very well please. Let them be loud. Let them be heard. Let them scream!"

Shar Nelle Marie| Let them Scream

Take a peek into the private pages of writer Shar Nelle Marie. A look into her diary. A journey through her heart. This collection features poetry directly from the journals of Shar Nelle. Poetry that is not necessarily themed or written to sell, but random, unedited pieces that have a personal connection to the writer.

The Archives


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